How Much Do Pilates Instructors Earn in New Zealand?

How much do Pilates instructors earn in New Zealand?

The average pay for Pilates instructors in 2019 was $45 per hour according to However by definition, half of all instructors make less than the average, and half make more. So how much can YOU expect to earn?

  • Pay is higher in large capital cities than in regional centres
  • Different cities have different average pay, with Melbourne and Sydney being above the national average, and Brisbane below
  • Within regions, pay also varies depending on the specific location – if the studio you work at is in a well-to-do neighbourhood the pay is likely to be higher
  • Finally, even within a given studio, it is usual for different instructors to earn different rates. As an instructor your primary job is to put backsides on reformers; instructors with consistently full classes generally earn more
  • Being punctual, reliable, tidy, and making an effort to deliver excellent customer service will also play in your favour when it comes time to negotiate wages
How much does a Pilates instructor earn in Australia

Tips for talking about pay with a potential employer

Talking to a potential employer about how much Pilates instructors earn in Australia
  • When the topic of a job opportunity first arises in conversation, make sure to ask about the pay up front. It’s not a taboo subject; you need to know!
  • If the pay quoted is lower than your expectation, ask the question “what would you need to see from me to make me worth $XX dollars per class to you?” or “Let’s just say for the sake of argument that after 6 months my classes are consistently at 80% full. At that point would you be open to increasing my pay to $XX?”
  • Most employers will be completely fine to have this conversation. Those that are uncomfortable with it, might not be the best people to work for!

How Education Can Make a Difference to Pilates Instructor Pay

You might be just like many other people that see Pilates as a key part of their calling in life. While enjoying it as a hobby is one thing, those that recognise natural ability and aptitude inevitably investigate the possibility of turning it into a profession. This typically inspires conversations with fellow enthusiasts where you may wonder aloud how much do Pilates instructors earn? However, even a quick Internet search will only provide you with a raft of different answers. Why?

Well, a Pilates instructor salary depends as much on the person that is delivering the classes as it does on the location where the classes are held. If you live in a bustling metropolis then there is going to be a much higher level of demand compared to a small town. Those that live in cities or highly populated areas will find that their work securing clients is also cut out because there are many more instructors vying for their attention.
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So How Much Do Pilates Instructors Earn?

If you are looking for a new career that allows you to share the joy of movement, then you might be considering becoming a Pilates instructor.

Breathe Education provides training for aspiring Pilates teachers in Australia and now in New Zealand, providing them with the skills and techniques to expand their own practice, as well as creating flows and cueing moves that allow for inspirational and useful teaching.

But, as with any career change, you will be asking “how much do Pilates instructors earn?”. This is a difficult question, as of course it depends on so many factors. But as an idea, a Pilates instructor income is generally less than that of a certified Pilates instructor salary – so it pays in more ways than one to take Pilates instructor courses that are certified and Australian accredited – like the Cert IV Pilates Matwork and Reformer that we offer here at Breathe Education.

Our course has created nearly 3,000 certified Pilates instructors in Australia since 2008, and with 96.8% of our students either working or in further education upon graduating, there is a reason we are the chosen training partner of industry leading studios. As part of the tuition costs, you will be able to watch qualified instructors, and learn from graduate mentors as well as our amazing teachers. This means that you can see what you can achieve with our Pilates courses and speak to them about their experience, getting useful tips and pointers not just about the course itself, but also what happens when you graduate – so you can learn the answer to the question “how much do Pilates instructors get paid” with real examples.

Why is Breathe Education the Best Choice for your Pilates Instruction Salary?

Breathe Education have several different Pilates courses to improve your own practice and help you to become a better Pilates instructor. We want you to be able to learn how to share the joy that Pilates brings through your teaching, and to do this our courses are a safe place where mistakes are encouraged – so that you can work on your own skills and techniques to develop your own teaching style.

Whether you choose the Six Weeks of Pilates course, or you are looking for an Introduction to Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, Breathe Education have a course that will suit you.

If you are interested in the course that allows you to pretty much choose your Pilates instructor salary, then the comprehensive Cert IV in Pilates Matwork and Reformer is the perfect choice.

The Cert IV in Pilates Matwork and Reformer is a comprehensive training system that takes you through everything you need to become an inspirational and effective Pilates instructor. With flexible payment options, around 9 hours a week of tuition, and 12 months to complete, this course is your one-stop course to get you the best start in your Pilates instruction career.

Our System to Maximise Your Pilates Instructor Pay

  • Tuition Style

Through a blend of self-paced and live online learning, Breathe Education allows you to study your course in short bursts, when and where it most suits you. With mobile-friendly design, the course can be completed anywhere so you are not tied to attending a studio.

Lectures and Tutorials are about 90 minutes and are live, with recordings available so you can go over any points you might have missed.

You will take part in a live online Pilates class once a week, and then have three or so hours of self-directed practice, teaching and observation with your tutors. All in all, these 9 hours of study are backed by peer-reviewed research and are science and evidence-based.

As part of your learning, you will get access to one of our mentor studios, allowing you to observe qualified instructors and understand how your learning translates into actual teaching of a class.

  • Topics Covered

You will learn Matwork and Reformer techniques to give you a complete repertoire of exercises and then develop an understanding of the flow of movement from start position, through movement sequence using proper transitions, to finish – including equipment setup and position refinements.

Class programming is all about creating your flow – your sequences should move fluidly, make sense, and work the whole body (where required). While learning traditional Pilates, you will also have the chance to be more creative in programming your class, so you can make up your own flow, adapting moves to suit the class you are looking to teach.

Cueing a class and helping your students understand what is coming next in the flow doesn’t require complex instructions, and as part of the training you will undertake we will help you find the right ways to cue – simple, clear instructions are best.

Exercise modification, and knowing when to use it, is another part of the learning experience with Breathe Education. When you are teaching, you may have a student that is struggling with a particular movement and through your knowledge of biomechanics you will be able to suggest a modifier that will help them. This is also true if you are teaching someone more advanced – they might need a modification that makes the exercise harder.

  • Extra Knowledge

Many ‘comprehensive’ Pilates instructor courses offer extra tuition – at an extra cost. As part of the course cost, we also include Prenatal and Post-Natal Pilates instruction, so that you can safely work with pregnant women and new mums, or run a class aimed at pregnancy. We offer the only course that has Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates as part of the core curriculum, not as an add on.

We also give you the confidence to work safely with injured clients, so that you can accommodate them (and know when to refer them to a health professional). All our tuition is based on current National guidelines and science-based best practices.

If you are ready to make the change and turn your joyful Pilates practice into a career that shares that joy with the world, then get in contact with us today and find out more.

More than Just Money – A Pilates Instructor Can Change a Life

You are considering a change in career because to you, the joy of Pilates is something that should be shared – so in answer to the question “what do Pilates instructors earn?”, we believe that the answer isn’t only found in dollar amounts, but the in the good that they do for others.

You cannot put a price on a Pilates instructor that improves the health, flexibility and general wellbeing of their clients – and that is why earning a Cert IV in Pilates Matwork and Reformer is more than a stepping stone into a new career. It is the first step on a path towards sharing the joy of movement.

If you would like to start your journey, call us today to find out more.
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